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24 Skateboards The Set Up

The Set Up1970 Somethin', 1970 Somethin'

The Set Up Words by Chris Fentiman 24 Skateboards founder.

It was 1970 something and my Dad had just made his first skateboard out of some old fence scraps and his sisters rollerblades. I guess I never really thought about it but if he didn't do that I may have never skated. Crazy.

I remember the first time my friends and I came up with the idea for 24 Skateboards however back then it was actually called Emperor. 13 with the ideas to build our own skateboards, little did we know what was going to happen from that tiny idea way back then. Our crew basically had everything we needed from a photographer to take photos, a crazy old camera, and a bunch of friends who would skate from really early in the moring until very late at night. I remember the school right near our photographers house that we used to skate all the time. There was this one time that we were skating these stairs and I did what felt like the perfect switch heel. The photographer took this awesome photo and To this day, I have never seen that photo again. I don't know why I have such a clear image in my mind about that moment, it wasn't the best trick I had ever done or the most amount of stairs, it was just a really great moment and I find myself trying to re-create that moment in everything I do with 24.

It wasn't until later on in my life that 24 really took priority as something I had to do. I guess that had a lot to do with the fact I was told I would never be able to skateboard again. When 24 started popping up on your computer screens, in your news feeds, and as you and your friends may have talked about it, was around the time I almost died. Yes, I did just say died. What happened was horrible but is something I'm also grateful for. One morning on my way to work I hit a car on my motorbike at around 100kmph (62mph) and tore my knee open, my arm open, and ruptured my appendix which later turned deadly because you know, hitting a car on a motorbike at that speed wasn't deadly enough. Well when a doctor tells you "The more exercise you do the quicker we will have to cut your knee off and replace it with a fake one" You know it's kind of serious. I was going to write for about 6 months I couldn't walk correctly but I will change that to I will never walk correctly again. So I've dedicated every moment from that point on to pouring my love for skateboarding into 24 and trying to share that with you. So cheers for everyone who ever purchased a skateboard, who ever left a comment on a post, just visited this for the first time, helped out when we've gone on tours, magazines that have worked with us, skateboarders who started their careers here with 24, friends who have helped out, and to those that have stuck around. 24 Skateboards is much, much bigger than just 1 person. 24 Skateboards is for anybody who loves skateboarding