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Skateboard Decks

24 Skateboards does provide Australian skateboarders as well as skateboarders from around the globe with an affordable and at the same time, quality option for skateboard decks. Our decks are made from 100 % Canadian maple by expert craftsmen who have a genuine love for the art of skateboarding. Our skateboard decks Have been developed and advanced over a period of 6 years so the reliability it gives skateboarders is the assurance they need when hitting the streets, local park or mega ramp. Our skateboard decks also come with a 1 year warranty for any snaps meaning skaters can go all out when practicing their art form. As well as providing quality decks and reassurance for skateboarders we also have a growing range of designs to suit skater's tastes in image. Ultimately, if you're looking for quality and strength in a skateboard deck as well as an individual, modern design then you can't go past 24 Skateboards range of skateboard decks.

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